Sexual disorders

Sexual disorders (due to stress or emotional blockages)

Are you struggling with sexual disorders caused by stress or emotional blockages? Dr Savneet, a renowned healer with years of experience, understands how these issues can impact your well-being and relationships. Our modern lives are filled with stressors that can manifest in various ways, including sexual disorders. These issues can leave you feeling isolated, frustrated, and unsure of how to address them. Dr Savneet's comprehensive approach is designed to help you overcome these challenges, regain confidence, and experience a healthier, more fulfilling sex life.

Dr Savneet offers an array of tailored solutions to tackle sexual disorders, focusing on addressing the root cause of the problem. Through holistic counselling, she provides a safe space for you to explore your emotions and thoughts, identifying the factors contributing to your disorder. Distance healing taps into the power of energy work to alleviate the physical and emotional pain associated with these issues, irrespective of geographical boundaries. The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) utilizes a combination of acupressure and psychology to release negative emotions and stress, while inner child healing targets unresolved childhood traumas that may affect your sexual health. Additionally, past life regression therapy can uncover subconscious memories from previous lifetimes, allowing you to understand and heal deep-seated patterns. Each solution is applied based on your needs, ensuring a personalized and effective treatment plan - Trust Dr Savneet to guide you toward healing, transformation, and a more gratifying sexual experience.

  • Holistic counselling: Dr Savneet provides a compassionate, non-judgmental environment for you to openly discuss your concerns, facilitating emotional exploration and understanding of the root causes of your sexual disorders.
  • Distance healing: Break free from the limitations of geography, as Dr Savneet employs powerful energy work to help alleviate the physical and emotional pain associated with sexual disorders, regardless of your location.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): By combining acupressure and psychology, Dr Savneet helps release negative emotions and stress that contribute to sexual disorders, promoting emotional balance and overall well-being.
  • Inner child healing: Address unresolved childhood traumas that may be impacting your sexual health and relationships, as Dr Savneet expertly guides you through the healing process.
  • Past life regression therapy: Uncover subconscious memories from previous lifetimes, enabling you to understand and heal deep-seated patterns that may contribute to your sexual disorders.
  • Personalized treatment plans: Dr Savneet tailors each solution to your unique needs, ensuring an effective and customized approach to your healing journey.
  • Regain confidence and fulfillment: With Dr Savneet's guidance, you can overcome sexual disorders caused by stress and emotional blockages, experiencing a renewed sense of confidence and a more satisfying sex life.


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Inner child healing

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