Marriage trouble

Marriage issues

Are you struggling with marriage troubles due to mistrust, a lack of appreciation, or taking each other for granted? At Dr Savneet's Healing Center, we understand the emotional turmoil that these issues can cause and are committed to helping you find the perfect solution. With a unique blend of healing techniques, we aim to address the root causes of your marital discord and pave the way for a harmonious and fulfilling relationship. Our customized approach ensures that we cater to your needs and provide the support and guidance necessary to overcome your marriage troubles.

Dr Savneet's proven solutions encompass many powerful techniques, each targeting a different aspect of your relationship. Tarot and angel card readings offer insight and clarity into your current situation, while past life healing uncovers the karmic connections between you and your partner. Our holistic counselling sessions foster open communication and mutual understanding, while guided meditation promotes relaxation and emotional balance. Distance healing works to remove energy blockages and restore harmony, and Akashic record consultations reveal your soul's journey and its impact on your relationship. Combining these diverse techniques, Dr Savneet's Healing Center offers a comprehensive approach to overcoming marriage troubles and creating a lasting bond built on trust, appreciation, and love.

  • Address the root causes of marital discord with our unique healing techniques
  • Get a customized approach tailored to your needs for a fulfilling relationship
  • Gain insight and clarity into your current situation with tarot and angel card readings
  • Uncover the karmic connections between you and your partner with past life healing
  • Foster open communication and mutual understanding through holistic counselling sessions
  • Promote relaxation and emotional balance with guided meditation
  • Remove energy blockages and restore harmony with distance healing
  • Discover your soul's journey and its impact on your relationship with Akashic record consultations


Tarot/angel card reading

Past life healing

Holistic counselling

Guided Meditation

Distance Healing

Akashic records