Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT)

Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT)

Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) embodies a holistic approach to healing, recognizing the undeniable connection between our emotions and identity. This therapeutic model emphasizes our emotions' critical role in decision-making and shaping preferences. It is predicated on the understanding that a lack of emotional awareness can detrimentally impact various aspects of our lives. EFT believes that suppressed emotions could lead to adverse outcomes, contributing to chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. Through the guided exploration of emotional landscapes, EFT fosters a heightened sense of self-awareness and emotional literacy, empowering individuals to navigate their emotional world with more grace, understanding, and resilience.

By harnessing the power of EFT, individuals are encouraged to confront, rather than avoid, their emotions. In doing so, they cultivate healthier coping mechanisms and emotional responses, transforming their feelings from sources of distress to instruments of personal growth. Emotion-Focused Therapy can be a powerful tool in transforming emotional pain into healing, fostering self-discovery, and promoting lasting change. EFT offers a compassionate and empathetic approach, providing a safe and nurturing environment for individuals to deeply explore their emotional selves, facilitating their journey towards holistic well-being and emotional freedom.

Dr Savneet, a proficient and empathetic healer, provides this Therapy to individuals seeking solace, understanding, and healing. Using her vast experience and in-depth knowledge of EFT, Dr Savneet ensures a safe and comfortable environment, guiding her clients gently through exploring and understanding their emotional world and empowering them to lead healthier, more fulfilled lives.


Emotion-Focused Therapy is a therapeutic approach that emphasizes the importance of emotions in our lives, guiding individuals to understand and manage their emotions effectively.

EFT can help anyone struggling with emotional distress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. It is also helpful for individuals seeking personal growth and emotional understanding.

EFT works by helping individuals identify, explore, and process their emotions. The goal is to transform these emotions from sources of distress to tools for personal growth and understanding.

Yes, EFT effectively manages and reduces anxiety by assisting individuals to understand and manage their emotional responses.

The duration of EFT varies from person to person. Some may see improvements in a few sessions, while others require a more extended period.

In an EFT session, individuals are guided to explore their emotions, understand their origin, and learn how to manage them effectively.

EFT differs from other therapies, emphasising emotions as central to human experience and healing. It promotes emotional awareness and expression as crucial elements of therapeutic change.

EFT can be combined with different therapeutic approaches for a more comprehensive treatment plan.

Your first EFT session will likely involve discussing your reasons for seeking Therapy, your emotional experiences, and your goals for treatment.

Yes, EFT is an evidence-based therapeutic approach supported by extensive research demonstrating its effectiveness in various areas of mental health.

  • With Dr Savneet's Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT), you can expect a multitude of advantages that facilitate your emotional healing and personal growth:
  • Vague to Vivid: Dr Savneet assists you in transforming vague feelings and unidentified emotions into vivid, clear experiences that you can understand and manage effectively.
  • Obscure to Tangible: The obscurity of deep-seated emotional issues is replaced with tangible solutions and strategies, empowering you to confront and overcome your emotional struggles.
  • General to Specific: Rather than employing a generalized approach, Dr Savneet provides therapy tailored to your needs, ensuring the most effective and efficient healing process.
  • Then to Now: Dr Savneet guides you from past emotional baggage to the present moment. By focusing on the 'now', you can make sense of past experiences and use them for personal growth and emotional understanding.
  • Global to Personal: Therapy is personalized to cater to your unique emotional world. This personal approach means you receive therapy centred on you, your experiences, and your needs.
  • Passive to Active: EFT encourages you to participate in your emotional well-being actively. Dr Savneet empowers you to move from a passive recipient of circumstances to an active participant in your healing journey.
  • Abstract to Concrete: The therapy helps convert abstract feelings and emotional experiences into concrete actions for healing and personal growth. This conversion helps in identifying actionable steps towards emotional understanding and overall well-being.