Crystal Reading

Harness the Power of Nature's Resonance with The Destiny Healer

Crystal Reading, or lithomancy, is a form of divination that harnesses the natural energy of crystals to gain insights into various aspects of life. This age-old practice rests on the belief that crystals, nature's own meticulously formed structures, embody unique vibrations and energies. They are storehouses of wisdom and knowledge, resonating frequencies that can unlock a more profound understanding of oneself and the surrounding universe.

Dr Savneet Kaur Bhasin pioneers this extraordinary journey of self-discovery at the heart of The Destiny Healer. Her profound understanding of the intricate energies of various crystals and her intuition guide individuals through the unique narratives the crystals reveal. Dr Savneet, as an experienced Crystal Reading practitioner, weaves the individual energies of the crystals into a vast tapestry of guidance and insight, taking you on a transformative exploration of your life's purpose, relationships, and potential challenges.

Dr Savneet's Crystal Reading sessions provide more than mere predictive insights - they offer a broader perspective on life, revealing future possibilities and underlying patterns, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth. Her insightful readings are an empowering experience that fosters self-awareness and spiritual development. This deepened understanding provides clarity and guidance to navigate life's journey confidently.

Engaging in Crystal Reading with The Destiny Healer takes you beyond the realm of the ordinary. It's a journey into the mystical world of nature's wisdom, where every crystal has a unique story. Crystal Reading with Dr Savneet is not just about interpreting the language of crystals but about harnessing their energy to inspire personal growth, healing, and transformation.


Crystal Reading or lithomancy is a form of divination that interprets the energy and vibrations of crystals to provide insights into various aspects of life.

Crystal Reading works on the principle that each crystal has a unique vibration and energy that can influence our energy fields and provide insights.

Crystal Reading can guide various life aspects, including personal growth, relationships, career, and spiritual development.

Yes, Crystal Reading is a non-invasive, safe practice when conducted under the guidance of a trained practitioner.

Absolutely! With proper guidance, anyone can understand the energy and messages of crystals.

A Crystal Reading session can offer insights into your life's journey and reveal underlying patterns, strengths, weaknesses, and growth opportunities.

The accuracy of Crystal Reading can vary based on the practitioner's expertise and the individual's openness to the process.

The selection of crystals can vary depending on the practitioner and the specific questions or areas of life being explored.

Come with an open mind and have your questions or areas of concern ready before the session.

The frequency can vary depending on individual needs and circumstances. Some people find regular sessions beneficial, while others prefer to seek guidance during times of change or uncertainty.