Angel healing

Angel healing

Immerse yourself in the mystical world of Angel Healing - an extraordinary journey of wellness and self-discovery guided by celestial beings. Our expert, Dr Savneet, unravels this ancient, divine practice that taps into the energetic frequencies of angels to heal and rejuvenate. These heavenly entities, imbued with pure love and light, guide us towards harmony, balance, and holistic well-being. With their powerful vibrations, they assist us in releasing negative energies, nurturing our spiritual, emotional, and physical health. With Dr Savneet, you will explore this gentle yet potent healing modality, fostering your connection with these divine messengers, experiencing their guidance, and harnessing their healing energies.

Angelic Signs, Symbols, Nos:

Angelic symbols and numbers are a universal language that angels use to communicate with us. These signs, ranging from feathers to repeating number sequences, are messages of love, guidance, and reassurance. Acknowledging and interpreting these signs can bring transformative changes to your life.

Power of Angels - Healings:

Angels are powerful, celestial beings of light and love that can guide us towards healing. They work energetically, helping restore balance, release negativity, and encourage personal growth. The healing power of angels is immense and can profoundly affect our mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Realm of Archangels:

The realm of Archangels is a higher vibrational plane where these mighty angels exist. They are the highest-ranking angels, each having unique abilities and specialities. Connecting with this realm allows us to tap into their wisdom, strength, and healing energies.

Angelic Messages:

Angelic messages are divine communications that angels send to guide us on our life path. These messages often come through intuition, dreams, or even physical sensations. Recognizing and interpreting these messages can enhance your spiritual journey and foster personal growth.


Angel Healing is a form of holistic therapy that involves communicating and working with angels to bring healing and balance to one's life.

Angel Healing works by tapping into the energetic frequencies of angels. Practitioners channel these energies to assist in healing physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances.

Anyone seeking spiritual growth, emotional healing, or physical balance can benefit from Angel Healing. It is a gentle, non-invasive therapy suitable for all.

Yes, you can learn to connect with angels and harness their healing energies with proper guidance and practice.

Angelic signs and symbols are a form of communication used by angels. They can appear as repeating numbers, feathers, coins, or even certain animals.

Angelic signs often appear when we least expect them and in forms that resonate with us personally. Being open and attentive can help you recognize these signs.

The realm of Archangels is a higher vibrational plane where the highest-ranking angels exist. Each Archangel has unique abilities and specialities.

Through meditation, prayer, and intention, you can connect with the Archangels. A practitioner can guide you through this process.

Angelic messages are divine communications from angels, often through intuition, dreams, or physical sensations.

Interpreting Angelic messages requires practice and openness. It involves paying attention to your intuition, recognizing synchronicities, and being open to guidance in various forms. Keeping a journal of their experiences can help them understand these divine messages.

No, Angel Healing is not tied to any particular religion. It is a spiritual practice that anyone can help from, regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs.

Experiences with Angel Healing can vary significantly from person to person. Some may feel a sense of warmth or tingling, others may experience emotional release, while others may feel a deep understanding of calm and peace.

While Angel Healing is not a substitute for traditional medical treatment, it can complement it by helping to balance the body's energy fields, which may enhance overall well-being and aid in physical healing.

Angels assist in healing by providing pure, loving energy that can help to clear blockages, restore balance, and promote emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.

An Angel Healing practitioner serves as a channel between you and the angels. They guide you through connecting with the angelic realm and help facilitate healing.

The timing can vary widely from person to person. Some people feel a shift immediately, while others may notice changes gradually over days or weeks.

There is no age limit for Angel Healing. It is a gentle and safe practice that can benefit individuals of all ages.

Yes, you can. Each Angel and Archangel has unique abilities and specialities, and you may feel drawn to connect with one specifically based on your personal needs or circumstances.

Preparation can involve setting an intention for the session, creating a calm and peaceful environment, and opening your mind and heart to receive healing energies.

Angel Healing is a non-invasive, gentle therapy. While it can lead to emotional release, which can sometimes be intense, it is generally considered safe with no known adverse side effects.